The Squamish Conditions page is a frequently updated section which contains the weather conditions as our staff see them out the window. We all know about the inconsistencies between weather reports and actual conditions so now you can simply check here to find the latest conditions and read back for the recent weather history!

(NB: you may need to refresh the page to see the most recent updates and if no updates have been made in a few days then chances are good that there has been no major change in the weather)

Saturday, 24 Sep [10:24 AM]: After the flood...

It's a gorgeous day: sunny, warm, beautiful. No excuses - get going :-)

Thursday, 15 Sep [10:46 AM]: Wow - that was a nice stretch

We had a dry spell there from mid-July through mid-September, with one day of rain in August. Aside from that, we scarcely even saw a cloud until a couple of days ago. But today it's raining - not really heavy rain, just a steady light rain/drizzle, but raining nonetheless. So take a rest day or two, and we'll see what comes next. The forecast is still looking pretty favourable for the rest of the month, but clearly the systems have shifted, at least for the next few days.

Sunday, 14 Aug [03:38 PM]: You call this 60% P.O.P?

Sure, if by "POP" you mean "Probability of being Off in your Prediction"

It's sunny, and warm, and has been most of the day. Sure there's some heavy cloud massed around Garibaldi, and it did actually rain, lightly, late last night, for about 1/2 an hour, but this is a waayy nicer day than the forecast called for.

Not than we're complaining - it's a really nice day, and we like it very much. It's just not quite what we were expecting, that's all...

Saturday, 13 Aug [06:44 PM]: Change is comin'

...but nothing too serious. The forecast is 60% POP for tomorrow,but they're only calling for accumulations in the 2-4mm range, which isn't much more than a heavy dew around here. And then it's supposed to be cloudy but dry Monday before going back to sunny and warm for the rest of the week.

Thursday, 11 Aug [10:11 AM]: "Marine Air"

There's a bank of heavy fog hanging around at about the 1000m level, and it's been there for about a day and a half now. It's not doing anything, not raining or causing heavy dew or anything at all - it's just hanging there. So, while it seems a bit gloomy, it's actually pretty nice out. Dry, moderate temps, light breeze, pretty much the definition of "mild".

It's supposed to clear off toward mid-day, and then stay sunny for the next couple of days, so the weekend looks pretty good. They're calling for rain maybe on Sunday, but that forecast will almost certainly change as we get closer. For now, everything is dry, so take advantage while you can, just in case the forecast turns out to be right.

Thursday, 28 Jul [10:50 AM]: Gorgeous

Sunny, warm, perfect day. Forecast is looking good for the weekend. No excuses - get out there.

Saturday, 23 Jul [12:33 PM]: How's the weather?

I'm going to go with (A) "Sunny and Warm" - Final Answer

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