Staff Picks & Favourites

What gear gets the staff jazzed? What lines have been getting the best response from our customers? Make sure you're not missing out on anything by checking here:

Icebreaker merino wool from New Zealand has been a huge hit with staff and customers alike. Lightweight, soft against your skin, cosy warm when it's cold out, nice and cool when it's hot out, and no odour retention. This stuff is just plain great. From skin weight to outerwear, we carry plenty of great men's and women's styles. In fact, we probably have the best Icebreaker selection in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Stripes poly-pro long underwear, also from New Zealand, are a sure-fire eye catcher as you come in our front door. Functional, fun, reasonably priced, and painfully colourful, Stripes has been flying off the hangers all winter.

And continuing the "Down-Under" theme, Blundstone boots from Australia have a nearly cult following among our customers. Comfortable, Light-weight, durable, and good-lookin', Blundstones have been our most popular footwear line for three years now.

Smartwool socks have been a favourite for years. Merino wool is light, soft, warm, and wicks perspiration away from your feet without the clammy feel of synthetic socks (See also "Icebreaker"). There's just enough synthetic blended in to give the socks good durability, without compromising the performance of the wool. Smartwool socks are available in a number of different weights, for use as liner socks, ski socks, or for hiking and trekking, or just hanging around town on a rest day.

Chaco sandals. No surprise here - these things have been favourites of ours for a few years now, and for good reason. Molded polyurethane footbeds provide terrific support, so you can stay on your feet for hours without feeling like you've been on your feet for hours. The continuous webbing strap system provides a snug wrap to keep your feet securely planted on whatever you're standing on. Two different strapping systems, three different sole compositions, two different widths for both men and women, and a myriad of webbing patterns & colours give you almost too much choice. And when the tread starts getting a bit thin you can have them re-soled, or have new webbing installed if you decide you want a different colour. Quite simply - Chacos rock.

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